St Martins Village

St. Martins is a village on the Bay of Fundy in Saint John County, New Brunswick, Canada. ...

St. Martins is a place of tidal wonder at the  heart of the Bay of Fundy.  Life here is governed by the rhythm of the world's highest tides.  A colourful fleet of fishing boats wait in the Bay for the high tide to rise and fill the empty harbour with water so that they can unload their catch.

Walkers and hikers consult the tidal charts to find the best time to walk the ocean floor out to sea caves, caverns and arches.  The tide rises,  soon erasing their footsteps, filling the caves and caverns with water.  Beaches, the harbour and the sea caves change twice each day, every time you see them they are different.

The tide races and rages around the scenic Quaco Head Lighthouse, creating treacherous beauty that through history, sank great sailing ships.  The tide fills and recedes each day from vast salt marshes, creating an incubator of life that sustains the entire Bay of Fundy ecosystem.

St. Martins in a place of great natural beauty and is the gateway to the Fundy Trail, the last undeveloped stretch of of wilderness coastline in North America.  Walking trails and a low speed roadway wind along the coast past waterfalls, secluded beaches, picnic areas and breathtaking vistas across the Bay to Nova Scotia.

Source: St Martins Chamber of Commerce